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Yes, the wonderful Jo Brand was in the recording studio recently, recording Episode Two of my documentary Life At Death's Door with The Wireless Theatre Company.  What a fantastic lady. 

"What drives us to wear black, have a wooden coffin and to give our loved ones what we consider to be a “dignified” funeral at staggering expense?  Before Queen Victoria, we used to bury our own – now it is almost the exclusive domain of the funeral industry and with an average funeral costing £3,500, perhaps it’s time we looked for alternatives?  In this episode, we look at some of the incredible ways we can commemorate our dead and find out how we can conduct our own unique funeral celebrations, to better reflect the lives our loved ones have lived.

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My new radio play premiered at The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh Festival, 2014.

"Chat show host Tears Gorgon, interviews 352-year-old Mr. Punch, his wife Judy and a variety of travelling showmen, puppeteers & manipulators who have worked with them across the centuries.   An exhilarating, mischievous and very British radio comedy premiere, recorded live on stage, which follows Punch’s incredible journey from 16th century marionette to iconic British megastar, with The Wireless Theatre Company”.

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I'm delighted to announce that my audio documentary, Life At Death's Door, co-written with Steve Spence, starring BRIAN BLESSED and produced by The Wireless Theatre Company, has just won Best Documentary in the British Public Radio Awards.  We are all thrilled to bits.  Here's what award judge Michael Hill, UK Radioplayers' Managing Director, had to say about it: 

“There’s nothing more universally relevant than human death, but it’s a subject that rarely graces our airwaves. ‘Life At Death’s Door’ covers an astonishing range of topics – from death cafes to decay – but in a breezy, straightforward, and gently humorous tone. Brian Blessed’s unique style of presentation is a clever way of avoiding sentimentality and sluggishness, and there’s great use of sound throughout the programme, including atmospheric effects and mini-dramas. The pace is well judged, with longer interview segments intercut with punchy ad-style inserts. Fascinating, informative, entertaining, but always respectful – this documentary is a worthy winner in the Long Form category.”


CANNES 2014 - "One of the Top Ten Must-See Movies” - Ann played Pauline Price in BAFTA nominee Andrew Hulme's film SNOW IN PARADISE - a hard hitting story of one man's journey to control his violence through religion.  

Ann was cast as Cuckoo in Poppy Corbett's new play HATCHLING - performed at The Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Ann played Ann played Cali in MY LITTLE FAMILY at the Greenwich Theatre.


Ann appeared as Elaine, a highly strung protective mother in the hilarious Christmas production of 
A Coalition Carol, by Bea Roberts at The Canal Cafe Theatre. 

Her new play ‘Rat, written for the “Ten Minute Tales” drama section for Wireless Theatre Company is available for download - take a listen and look at the “making of” documentary, which runs alongside. 

Her play ‘The Maiden Without Hands, starring Gordon Kennedy, was performed in front of a live audience and recorded at The Roundhouse, Camden as part of the “Very Grimm Christmas” season. Ann's writing was so grim that members of the audience fainted.  Click HERE for the gory details.

Ann is currently very busy working on part 3 of a 3-part audio documentary series, Life At Death's Door, for The Wireless Theatre Company, which she has been  researching for the past two years.  She has also written a treatment for a new radio play Vivienne, as well as completing Last Night a future "Ten Minute Tale" project for Wired Up Media.
Her filmscript The Hard Way, is now complete.

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